Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Favorite Work Pants

The majority of my summer I have spent working and although my office is business causal, people here tend to dress how they like, we have agents that wear swim shorts and t-shirts to people in full on suits.

Before this summer I only worked one 'business' day a week (I worked the weekend too but it was unwritten rule that weekends were wear whatever you want to the office day, pjs included !) but because I was in the office more and I had a more 'important' position I wanted needed to vamp up my wardrobe. I want to fall somewhere between swim shorts and suit (leaning more towards suits). It was then that I was introduced to Minnie.

I first met Minnie last summer down in Portland, Oregon at a JCREW Factory outlet. I originally found out about her through the wonderful world of YouTube (I'm addicted to haul videos) and was thrilled when she was at the outlet for an extra 30% off. So how could I say no?

Next thing you know, I now own 4 pairs (3 Minnie's, 1 dupe). What I love the most about these pants are you really don't have to break the bank for them. I have gotten all of mine on sale ranging from $10 dollars to $55)

They feel like leggings, the crop hits you perfectly (sometimes you need to adjust it), they look professional, and most importantly don't break the bank.

Here are my tips to scoring your own Minnie's

why I love it:
-They are an exact dupe for JCREW Minnie pant 
-The factory store consistently has 40-50 percent off sales
-The factory store sells them in wearable, staple colours.
(I've got my navy ones for $55 and my black ones for $45) 

Why I love it:
-You can find fun colours
-If you wait till there super sales (extra 40%) you can find some for super cheap, were talking $17 cheap.
(I got my royal blue ones for $17)

3. Dupe it.
After my life altering discovery of these wonderful pants I start seeing them everywhere at every price point and in tons of different colours.

My own dupe is from Old Navy and they are called "The Diva Skinny-Ankle Pants."I have these in a dark grey and paid $10)

I've gotten my sister a dupe pair at Banana Republic and they are called "Sloan fit slim ankle pant." I paid $45 for hers.

And finally I was lusting over a couple pairs (mint and red) on Aritzia site when they were on sale but regrettably decided against them. They are called the "Elliot Pant

All the store i've mention have wonderful sales and you can often find them for more 50% off !

& that ends my tribute to my favourite work pants.

Cheers, Jennifer

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