Monday, December 1, 2014

3 Steps to getting over Comparison

making progress, start somewhere, motivation, procrastination, 3 steps

I often find myself comparing myself against others. Constantly wondering how in the world do I get to where they are. Whether its a another blogger or an artist, I am compare my beginning to their middle. Its as though I have blinders on and only see the end result of other peoples hard work and efforts, rather than the full picture. 

So when I go to attempt something like blogging or calligraphy I compare myself in the beginning and get really discouraged because I am not as good as the people I look up to. Then I take  the easy route and give up on what I was working on when the task (ie this blog)

This past month I discovered that its really not about comparison but starting. Starting and remember every small step you take will bring you that much closer to the success you want. 

Here's 3 steps I use to getting over my comparison need.

1. Start, post your first post, film your first video, start on that project
2. If you're tempted to compare yourself, start at their beginning, whether it be their first blog post, video or artistic piece. 
3. Just keep on going and remember that you making progress everyday you put in time.

With that I want to make an announcement, I recently launch a new site:
granted I still have a lot of work to do, ie put up my items. But I thought it was approiate to show the progress I have made on it so far. I never thought I would be this close to launching something. Ill make an official announcement soon but for now you can find my blog post there under "rambles"

Thats all for today, 

Cheers, Jennife

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Love + 14 Updates

Like how July was the start of summer for me, October is the start of fall. 
Anna Green Gables (L. M. Montgomery) said it best when she said

To say time flew by would not be an exaggeration. But these past few months have had me asking myself a million different questions as to what I want to do with my career and my life. With so many different options in the picture, I've been starting to question the path I drew for myself and started exploring ones I never thought were possible nor did I ever think I would want.

Some updates from me since I last posted:

1. I miss Europe terribly and am hoping to spend an extend amount of time their in the next couple of  years (London Ideally)
2. I quit a job I hated and found a one I respected.
3. I decided to venture out into the wonderful and scary world of running a small calligraphy / stationery / wedding shop to be announced super soon :)
4. I went to my first canucks game, this was just on monday so its still fresh
5. Realize that its okay to take chances and venture off of your ideal path - more later. 
6. Decide to hold off / limit my shopping until late november 
7. Bought an Iphone 6 - yay for better instagram 
8. Decide to rebrand and move over to a .com, again more on the move later
9. Made a new 101 things in 1001 days found here
10. learned how to make macaroons 
11. went my first canucks game 
12. Learned how to follow my heart & passion.
13. The value of keeping relationships & making friends.
14. Learned to hustle, hard.

With all these revelations being said, I think my blog will change into more a lifestyle blog than a fashion or beauty blog.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Toting Goods

One of the things that are definitely on my wishlist at the moment is a simple brown leather tote. I came a across a few since seeing the amazing With Love From Kat's show hers continuously in photos, but none of them have been the right colour. Since shopping in stores haven't turned out well I have turned to online shopping. Here's hoping I can find one by summers end.

2. ASOS tote - $75
3. Kate Spade Tote - $264
4. Forever 21 - $33.80
5. JCREW Tote - $169

How perfect?

Photo credit Withlovefromkat

Happy Sunday Everyone !
Cheers, Jennifer

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer essentials

The beginning of July always means the start of summer for me. The weather here finally starts to get hot, flip flops become acceptable as everyday footwear and the city never looks as pretty. 
Long nights and bright early morning, summer has always been filled with so many wonderful memories for me and I wait to start this one. 
This summer is a bit different for me, its the first summer where I'm not a student, where I am an adult and I not really sure how I feel about not going to school in September.

These are my essentials for keeping cool for the summer :)

top 10 summer items, fashion cute, beach items

1. Floral Dress - buy here
2. Bright Strappy Sandal - buy here
3. Bright purse - buy here
4. Flip Flops - buy here
5. Printed Shorts - buy here
6. Bright Lip
7. Waterproof Mascara
8. SPF
9. Self Tanner - buy here
10. Moisturizer with SPF

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Haul

Happy Canada Day all my Canadians !

You would think that after coming back from the mesmerizing trip that was Europe I would tone down shopping. But Surprising I didn't have any debt coming back therefore naturally I would spend what I made coming back to work. And looking back I think to myself what in the world was I thinking

Oh and sales tempted me all around:

Sephora on Ebates at one point was doing 15% cash back
JCREW was an additional 50% off all sale 
LOFT was an additional 60% off
The Kate Spade Outlet was doing extra 40% than additional 10% for buying 3 items (my sister went in on this with me)
Dynamite's Outlet was doing additional 40% all sale
The Bay Shoes were additional 25% off. 
& of course ZARA start their summer sale


3. EOS Hand Lotion - $2.99

4. Wet and Wild Lipsticks - $2.99
Just Peachy, Rose Bud and Spotlight Red

6. Real techniques Travel Set (Winners)- $14.99
8. Zara Strappy Heels - $69.99

9.  JCREW - Cece Leather Flats in Black - $37.50

14. LOFT Floral top - $16

15. Dynamite Coat in Navy in the Queens Borough Outlet - $27

17. Kate Spade Oulala Mini iPad Case for the Kate Spade Outlet- $30
& thats is all I shamefully bought in June

Cheers, Jennifer 

Five Monthly Favorites: June

Hello :)

Life has been catching up with me these past couple of weeks, I know I said I would be more consistent but to be honestly there was so much more I had to do and by the time I started to blog again I was dead tired. Trying to adjust to a new schedule at work and finding a new job has had me tied up most evening and days. Between, hunting, rewriting and writing resumes and cover letter, the application process took longer than I thought. But now that I got of the applications I wanted to get out I have more down time in the evenings. 

5 things of June

Now on to my favorites this month. 

This palette just provides me with the best glow. I have dry skin and its usually pretty dull but this brighten it up in the best way possible. I know that each shade is meant to do a particular thing but I just use it as a powder and I love it.   
Best summer shade ever. 
Not to mention the beautiful packing and moisturizingness of it. Its amazing, I want more.

I bought this because in my head it would be like Dior Addict Fluid Stick would be like. No I haven't had the pleasure in trying that (I've bought too many lipsticks this month). But in my head this is a dupe. Even if its not, this is an amazing product, I love the initial application but I love the stain it leaves after the product is gone even more. 

Can I start with saying I can't believe this is in my possession? My amazing sister bought this for me as a graduation present. I am still in aw of it. I use it whenever I can and it surprisingly fits more than I thought it could. Not to mention it was beautiful and perfect.
I love this baby in Europe it like a instant souvenir. I trying to make more of an effort take more pictures and this camera helps with that, alot. 

Those are my favourites of June!

Cheers, Jennifer

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday Wishes: Summer Craving

Happy Hump Day,

Starting work full time again has definitely counting down the days till the weekend and what passes a Wednesday better than shopping ?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Steals - Work Edition

I started my "new" job (moving from part time to full time) within my company as a Marketing Coordinator and have my first full week of work starting this monday. After a being a student for my entire life than coming off of a six week vacation its been challenging to adapt to a new schedule, but I'm getting use to it (slowly, but surely) & I'm actually enjoying it. 

But with a new position comes what else? New clothes of course, I have work appropriate clothes from when I was part time, but now being full time I really feel like I don't have enough and have started to take on the mantra that if I can't wear it to work I won't buy it (well I'm trying too).

Just coming from an unpaid 6 week vacation my budget is tighter than I would like it to be but lucky me there are some wonderful sales from even more wonderful stores.

This week's steals are from JCREW, Sephora and Nordstrom.

1. JCREW - Jeweled Bow Top - $42.99 (with code SHOPNOW)
2. JCREW - Minnie Pant -$55.65 (with code SHOPNOW)
3. Sephora - The Twenty Two (Find In-Stores)  - $33
4. Kate Spade Lilla Tote - $266.66
5. JCREW - Leopard Loafers - $99.99 -(with code SHOPNOW)

sunday steals work edition
Makes a cute outfit huh ?

Thats all for today !

Cheers, Jennifer

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Graduation Day & I'm Back

Not only did the day come, but also it has now passed which mean I am now an official Alumnus, which is insane. After 4 years of University I can't believe that I am no longer a student. No more midterms, finals, papers, projects and at best of all no more group projects. Although its weird to have this chapter of my life come to an end, I’m so excited to start the next.

What I wore:

jcrew grad dress, zara yellow coat
Hello There :)

Dress: JCREW (Can't find online, in store on sale though!)
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Target
Necklace: JCREW Factory (old)

I didn't really take many pictures in my outfit, the majority (all except this one) are in my cap and gown :). But now that school is over, and my travels have ended (sadly) you can actually expect post from me (frequently too.) I truly love blogging because it constantly teaches me new things and concepts.

Cheers, Jennifer :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Haul

I already know that I have problems, I am fully aware and I am dealing with it in my own ways.  I consider the no but, I really did but caved at the sign of a good deal. 

My cousin M constantly points out that I should blog about all the good deals I find on a regular basis but I find it hard to talk about just one product, since I tend to only purchase one or two things a shopping trip. I thought since I want to be more consistent on my Instgram from now on I will post in the moment deals on my instagram (@CheersJennifer) but I will still recap on everything I bought this month here on my blog.

I was definitely more concious of what I was buying this month with my trip now only 3-weeks away but it didn't stop me from shopping to say the least. 

What I bought this month consisted of 

1. Pink Dress Pants from Zara - On Sale for $11.99

2. Stripped Gap Dress - On Sale for $25.99

3. Glitter Back Boots from Winners (by Vince Camuto) - On Sale for $59.99
vince camuto glitter boots

4. Kate Spade Ipad Case - One Sale for $14.99
This isn't actually for me, but a gift & I just had to share the deal

I'm really happy with my purchases this month & ill try to do an outfit post on each item !
What was your best deal this month ?

Cheers, Jennifer

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Case of Wanderlust

In 3 weeks...

3 weeks from today I have my bags packed (hopefully) and on my first of many flights in my European adventure.  In six weeks I will have the joy of visiting 5-7 Countries and 10+ cites (some plans are still in the works, but the majority is booked!).

I am beyond excited, and even though I’ve been planning this trip for over a year now but its just hit me that this is actually happening, it always just seemed like dream, it still does sometimes. Know that I get to visit places ive only read about and seen in pictures is so unreal and I still have a hard time believing that it is actually happening.

I am currently in completely wander-lusting mood, the thought of actually traveling to all these wondrous places is completely surreal.

Here are some places I can not possibly wait to visit:

London, England 

Paris, France

Barcelona, Spain

Rome, Italy

I am probably the most excited for the Colosseum in Rome. I love it since I was a kid and really can't believe that I get to see it in person ! 


I cant wait to share my experience, outfits and finds with all of you. Ill be leaving in 6 weeks and should be able to access wifi the majority of the time. 

Cheers, Jennifer

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Current Spring Craving: Yellow Jacket

I was early meeting a friend for dinner the other day and made the mistake of walking into Zara. As I said in an earlier post, I'm leaving for Europe next month (officially booked my flights!) so I've tried to limit my perusing/shopping time in order to fight temptations, but as soon as I saw this coat I became obsessed and this obsession is only growing because since going to that one Zara I've now been to two others and all three do not have my size which to me is a sign that I really need to purchase it soon.

spring yellow coat
Zara - Yellow Coat with Pockets - $159 CAD
It was honestly love at first sight. 

Yellow is actually one of my favorite it colours and this coat is the perfect shade of yellow. Not to mention its the perfect shape! I felt so classy when I tried it on,  and since the shape of this coat is so classic that I think it will stand the test of time. 

I can already imagine it with all sorts of outfits and I cant wait to add this piece to my closet. 

This being one of them:
spring yellow coat

spring yellow coat

spring yellow coat

Will you see this in my monthly haul chances are yes. I'm so obsessed !

What are you craving for this spring ?

Cheers, Jennifer