Sunday, February 2, 2014

Five Things in January

January usually doesn't fly by for me but this year it did so here are the five things that stood out to me this month. 

1. Zara blanket Scarf:
This scarf is the warmest thing ever therefore it was the best thing ever during the cold weather. In class when I've been cold, I used it as a blanket and it work like a charm 

Most of my reading have been online this year so having everything conveniently download on to my ipad has made doing my reading that much easier. 

3. Finishing one month of my last semester  [photo credit via Stefan Lorimer]
I can't wait for school to be over with. There is so much I want to do but school takes up so much time. With that being said I cant believe I already finished one month meaning I only have 2 months (9 weeks) left of school.

I want to do I full review for you guys on this product, but let me just say its amazing, never have I ever been told I have radiant youthful skin :).

5.The Lunar New Year [photo credit]  
Happy Year of the Horse to all those that celebrate. I hope everyone had a great new year and may this year bring you great fortune !

Cheers, Jennifer

What I Bought in Janurary Haul

Happy February!

I'm proud of myself for using my willpower this January & not buy as many things... Not to say I didnt buy anything but its a lot less than last month (December Haul).

january haul what i bought in janurary

1. Target Doughnut Mug $3.99
After seeing this on @Missglamorazzi twitter I knew I had to hunt it down. For those in Vancouver area I mine from the Lansdowne Target in Richmond

chapters calligraphy set on sale
2. A calligraphy set from Chapters - $15.00 on sale
One of my friends does calligraphy on her instagram and I fell in love with the idea. I really wanted to try doing it myself and at $15 I couldn't pass it up

brilliant ideas velvet notebook
3. Brilliant Ideas Notebook from Chapters - $10.00 on sale 
I'm seriously addicted to notebooks. I absolutely adore this one because its navy blue & velvet with golden polkadots, the picture does not do it justice 

target gold polka dot scarf
4. Gold polkadot scarf from Target - $5.06 on sale
I bought this beacuse it was gold and on sale and who doesn't need a scarf

5. Nail polish remover from Target - $2.75
I tried this the other day and its the weirdest concept. You need to try this out yourself ! Its weird but seriously rocks at taking for darker nail polish I have yet to try it with glitter but will keep you guys posted!

first aid beauty facial radiance pads
6. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads from Marshalls - $12.99 usually $28.00
After seeing many youtubers raving about this (mainly @meghanrosette)  I knew I wanted to try this. And I especially knew I had to try it after seeing it at Marshalls for over 50% off.

american eagle workout top
7. Workout top from American Eagle $7.99 on sale
I just needed this. 

thats all for what I bought in January !
what did you buy ?

Cheers, Jennifer <3