Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday Wishes: Summer Craving

Happy Hump Day,

Starting work full time again has definitely counting down the days till the weekend and what passes a Wednesday better than shopping ?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Steals - Work Edition

I started my "new" job (moving from part time to full time) within my company as a Marketing Coordinator and have my first full week of work starting this monday. After a being a student for my entire life than coming off of a six week vacation its been challenging to adapt to a new schedule, but I'm getting use to it (slowly, but surely) & I'm actually enjoying it. 

But with a new position comes what else? New clothes of course, I have work appropriate clothes from when I was part time, but now being full time I really feel like I don't have enough and have started to take on the mantra that if I can't wear it to work I won't buy it (well I'm trying too).

Just coming from an unpaid 6 week vacation my budget is tighter than I would like it to be but lucky me there are some wonderful sales from even more wonderful stores.

This week's steals are from JCREW, Sephora and Nordstrom.

1. JCREW - Jeweled Bow Top - $42.99 (with code SHOPNOW)
2. JCREW - Minnie Pant -$55.65 (with code SHOPNOW)
3. Sephora - The Twenty Two (Find In-Stores)  - $33
4. Kate Spade Lilla Tote - $266.66
5. JCREW - Leopard Loafers - $99.99 -(with code SHOPNOW)

sunday steals work edition
Makes a cute outfit huh ?

Thats all for today !

Cheers, Jennifer

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Graduation Day & I'm Back

Not only did the day come, but also it has now passed which mean I am now an official Alumnus, which is insane. After 4 years of University I can't believe that I am no longer a student. No more midterms, finals, papers, projects and at best of all no more group projects. Although its weird to have this chapter of my life come to an end, I’m so excited to start the next.

What I wore:

jcrew grad dress, zara yellow coat
Hello There :)

Dress: JCREW (Can't find online, in store on sale though!)
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Target
Necklace: JCREW Factory (old)

I didn't really take many pictures in my outfit, the majority (all except this one) are in my cap and gown :). But now that school is over, and my travels have ended (sadly) you can actually expect post from me (frequently too.) I truly love blogging because it constantly teaches me new things and concepts.

Cheers, Jennifer :)