Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I Bought in December + Boxing Day Haul

Well this is becoming a pattern isn't it ? I know I have left you guys for a while now and honestly I'm not even sure where the time went... I can't believe we are only a couple days away from 2014! 

I know I said I wouldn't buy anything much in December in my November post but I honestly couldn't resist the deals. Everything I bought this month was on major sale and with being at the mall constantly hunting down the perfect gifts for everyone I found myself shopping for myself more and more. In addition to all that I scored big during Boxing Day and really couldn't say no to anything. 

Cause it's: Work hard, shop harder. Right ?

1. JCREW - Gingham Dress Shirt (sold out)
Originally 59.50, bought for $10.99
this shirt isn't typically my style, but at $10.99 I couldn't say no, plus i always wanted to try that collared shirt under sweater trend.

2. JCREW - Buffalo Check Plaid Wool Peacoat Jacket Red (sold out)
Originally $400, bought for $100
I LOVE THIS. Again its a bit on the bolder side but there is just something about a statement coat that I absolutely adore.

3. American Eagle - Sequin Sweatshirt in Dark Grey
Originally $44.50, bought for $15 
If you can find this, buy it. It looks super cute on and is one of the comfiest sweatshirts I own.

Originally $39.50, bought for $13 
While you're at Aerie/American Eagle buy this too. If traditional peplums look weird on you like they do on me give this shirt a chance, I love the fit and it is the softest thing.

Originally $59.95, bought for $15.99
I ruined my other mint cardigan so this was a must.

6. GAP - Navy Knit Dress (sold out)
Originally $79.95, bought for $23.99
I can never say no to a well made inexpensive dress, this one is great for work and super cute with a belt.

Originally $64.95, bought for $16.49
These are super comfy and make your butt look great !

Originally 59.95, bought for $17.99
I love sparkly things.

9. GAP - Navy Glitter Loafers (sold out online)
Originally 39.95, bought for $9.98
Again, I love sparkly things

10. Banana Republic - Zig-Zag Open Cardigan
Originally $185, bought for $49.98
I bought this solely based on an outfit I saw one of the sales girls were wearing, she looked amazing in it and when I asked if was in store she brought me to the last one in my size, so I took it as fate. 
The next day, I duped her exact outfit. Needless to say I love this sweater.

11. Ever New - Amie Embossed Scuba Dress in Blueberry (in stores only)
Originally $84.99, bought for $34.95
Again, I can never say no to a nice well priced dress!

12. Ever New - Jennifer's Boyfriend Cable Cardi (in stores only)
Originally $89.99, bought for $29.95
After I bought this sweater I saw the name was Jennifer's Boyfriend which was funny cause this was my boyfriend's favourite item.

13. Ever New - Rena Embellished Shoulder Tee (in stores only)
Originally $49.99, bought for $14.95
I love shoulder details, I think it adds so much to a simple shirt.

14. Ever New - Kristie Leather Slipper in Leopard (in stores only)
Originally $79.99, bought for $29.95
I got these to replace my old ones and the cool thing about these is that they are textured

15. Dynamic - Mint Blazer (in outlets)
Originally 42.50, bought for $15

I know this is completely inappropriate for the season but I couldn't help myself. If you can't already tell my favourite colour is mint and I have been looking for it in blazer form for the longest time.

16. Winners - BLISS Rubberizing Mask x2 (in stores)
Originally $38, bought for $14.99
Bought it, tried it, went back for seconds. 
Its funny cause some of the exact same masks were priced at $16.99 and only a couple were priced at $14.99 so naturally I went for the cheaper ones.

17. Marshall's - ST. Tropez Tanning St. Tropez - Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
Originally $38, bought for $19.99
I've heard great things about this product and I always wanted to try it, so I thought why not for half the price.

won for $5.99
I bided on this necklaces not thinking I would win, but now seeing it in person now I'm so glad I did. I can really tell this will be a new favourite.

So that's everything Beauty and Fashion related for December, hopefully next month post won't be so large.

jennifer :)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Time - An Explanation & Update

My exams were done and over with on Dec 4th and I had every intention to blog regularly again, I even had a plan in place to for a new blog post everyday of December.. But what happened ? I have no idea. One moment it was Dec 4th and now theres only a couple of days left in 2013.

This month I planned to do it all. I wanted to do all the Christmas festivities that I never got to do before, I wanted to sleep in and over 8 hours everyday, I wanted use this winter break to learn more about the design programs I've been dabbling in, I wanted to workout and get a head start on my new years resolution to "get fit", I wanted to do so much but ended up half/barely starting everything. 

Planning to do things and actually getting things done are things a struggle with the most. More often than not I find myself ignoring the things a want to do (blogging, learning, exercising) and wasting time on useless things (online shopping, youtube, pinterest, other internet black holes.) With the year coming to a quick end its hard to believe that another 365 days past by, although I feel like I've made steps in the right direction but I am no where near where I want to be.

I order to change this habit I want to challenge myself next year to create more than just a list of things I want to get done but make a timeline and develop a step by step guide as well. Hopefully this will make it better and when I start to see more little things being crosses off it will motivate me to cross off the bigger things.

Because honestly speaking there is enough time in the day, I just don't make use of it efficiently.

Did you get done everything you wanted this year?

Cheers, Jennifer

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Five Things in November & Recap

Last Month I said October was a long month, although November was better it was still very very long. From the endless paper and projects occupying my time throughout the month, it was difficult to do much else beside study and go to work.
Going to work in the morning and school in the evening was really starting to take its toll on me but I made it through and now I have almost 5 weeks of no classes to look forward to! In addition to that am done all my classes and only have one more exam to write and I will be a free. And even more exciting news is next semester will be my last semester, come April 2014 I will be free from everything school related! 
Im really excited that its December, it truly is one of my favorite times of the year !

Without further delay my 5 things this month were:

1. Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover from Target.
Before Target came to Canada I would stock up on this whenever I was in the States, but during my last couple of trips they were all out and I had to try something new, but this month I finally got my hands on it again and its never felt so good to be reunited with it. I've tried a lot of Drugstore ones and nothing compares to this one so far. 

2. JCREW Statement Necklace Dupe from eBay 
I got this at the end of October and let me just say, this goes with everything ! From T-shirts to Dresses I have definitely have over worn this beautiful thing this month. Best $10 I've ever spent. 

3. The Righteous Body Butter from Soap and Glory 
I've only tried a handful of body butters but so far this is the best one. It absorbs quickly, leaves a wonderful smell and super soft skin, what more can I ask for. 

4. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in #13
Love the colour and it comes it super fancy packaging. 

5. NARS One Night Stand Cheek Palette.
 This thing has everything, and I love all the colours in it !

Thats all for this month, thanks for reading :)

Cheers, Jennifer