Monday, December 30, 2013

Time - An Explanation & Update

My exams were done and over with on Dec 4th and I had every intention to blog regularly again, I even had a plan in place to for a new blog post everyday of December.. But what happened ? I have no idea. One moment it was Dec 4th and now theres only a couple of days left in 2013.

This month I planned to do it all. I wanted to do all the Christmas festivities that I never got to do before, I wanted to sleep in and over 8 hours everyday, I wanted use this winter break to learn more about the design programs I've been dabbling in, I wanted to workout and get a head start on my new years resolution to "get fit", I wanted to do so much but ended up half/barely starting everything. 

Planning to do things and actually getting things done are things a struggle with the most. More often than not I find myself ignoring the things a want to do (blogging, learning, exercising) and wasting time on useless things (online shopping, youtube, pinterest, other internet black holes.) With the year coming to a quick end its hard to believe that another 365 days past by, although I feel like I've made steps in the right direction but I am no where near where I want to be.

I order to change this habit I want to challenge myself next year to create more than just a list of things I want to get done but make a timeline and develop a step by step guide as well. Hopefully this will make it better and when I start to see more little things being crosses off it will motivate me to cross off the bigger things.

Because honestly speaking there is enough time in the day, I just don't make use of it efficiently.

Did you get done everything you wanted this year?

Cheers, Jennifer

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