Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I Bought in December + Boxing Day Haul

Well this is becoming a pattern isn't it ? I know I have left you guys for a while now and honestly I'm not even sure where the time went... I can't believe we are only a couple days away from 2014! 

I know I said I wouldn't buy anything much in December in my November post but I honestly couldn't resist the deals. Everything I bought this month was on major sale and with being at the mall constantly hunting down the perfect gifts for everyone I found myself shopping for myself more and more. In addition to all that I scored big during Boxing Day and really couldn't say no to anything. 

Cause it's: Work hard, shop harder. Right ?

1. JCREW - Gingham Dress Shirt (sold out)
Originally 59.50, bought for $10.99
this shirt isn't typically my style, but at $10.99 I couldn't say no, plus i always wanted to try that collared shirt under sweater trend.

2. JCREW - Buffalo Check Plaid Wool Peacoat Jacket Red (sold out)
Originally $400, bought for $100
I LOVE THIS. Again its a bit on the bolder side but there is just something about a statement coat that I absolutely adore.

3. American Eagle - Sequin Sweatshirt in Dark Grey
Originally $44.50, bought for $15 
If you can find this, buy it. It looks super cute on and is one of the comfiest sweatshirts I own.

Originally $39.50, bought for $13 
While you're at Aerie/American Eagle buy this too. If traditional peplums look weird on you like they do on me give this shirt a chance, I love the fit and it is the softest thing.

Originally $59.95, bought for $15.99
I ruined my other mint cardigan so this was a must.

6. GAP - Navy Knit Dress (sold out)
Originally $79.95, bought for $23.99
I can never say no to a well made inexpensive dress, this one is great for work and super cute with a belt.

Originally $64.95, bought for $16.49
These are super comfy and make your butt look great !

Originally 59.95, bought for $17.99
I love sparkly things.

9. GAP - Navy Glitter Loafers (sold out online)
Originally 39.95, bought for $9.98
Again, I love sparkly things

10. Banana Republic - Zig-Zag Open Cardigan
Originally $185, bought for $49.98
I bought this solely based on an outfit I saw one of the sales girls were wearing, she looked amazing in it and when I asked if was in store she brought me to the last one in my size, so I took it as fate. 
The next day, I duped her exact outfit. Needless to say I love this sweater.

11. Ever New - Amie Embossed Scuba Dress in Blueberry (in stores only)
Originally $84.99, bought for $34.95
Again, I can never say no to a nice well priced dress!

12. Ever New - Jennifer's Boyfriend Cable Cardi (in stores only)
Originally $89.99, bought for $29.95
After I bought this sweater I saw the name was Jennifer's Boyfriend which was funny cause this was my boyfriend's favourite item.

13. Ever New - Rena Embellished Shoulder Tee (in stores only)
Originally $49.99, bought for $14.95
I love shoulder details, I think it adds so much to a simple shirt.

14. Ever New - Kristie Leather Slipper in Leopard (in stores only)
Originally $79.99, bought for $29.95
I got these to replace my old ones and the cool thing about these is that they are textured

15. Dynamic - Mint Blazer (in outlets)
Originally 42.50, bought for $15

I know this is completely inappropriate for the season but I couldn't help myself. If you can't already tell my favourite colour is mint and I have been looking for it in blazer form for the longest time.

16. Winners - BLISS Rubberizing Mask x2 (in stores)
Originally $38, bought for $14.99
Bought it, tried it, went back for seconds. 
Its funny cause some of the exact same masks were priced at $16.99 and only a couple were priced at $14.99 so naturally I went for the cheaper ones.

17. Marshall's - ST. Tropez Tanning St. Tropez - Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
Originally $38, bought for $19.99
I've heard great things about this product and I always wanted to try it, so I thought why not for half the price.

won for $5.99
I bided on this necklaces not thinking I would win, but now seeing it in person now I'm so glad I did. I can really tell this will be a new favourite.

So that's everything Beauty and Fashion related for December, hopefully next month post won't be so large.

jennifer :)

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