Wednesday, January 1, 2014

13 things in 2013

Making the Dean's Honour Roll
This award was unexpected because this year I took on a lot more on than usual. I worked full time throughout the majority of the school year and schooled all year round (3 semester). I learned that it is possible to do it all you just need to want it. 


Statements Necklaces
Describing this as an addiction is an understatement. I really got into statement necklaces this year and I love how much they can transform an outfit. They have actually inspired a big project that I cant wait to get started on and share with everyone

Vancouver Sun Run
I am not someone that is fit at all, this year I started trying to get into it and am proud to say that I completed the Vancouver Sun Run this year.

Class Five Status
I've have put this off for a couple years now and it feels good to finally cross this off my list. I even passed on the first try!

I don't even remember the last time I was here but this Summer we drove out here and it was beautiful. I can't wait to be back neck year.

SIAT 100
This course changed my life. Not only did a meet an amazing friend but finally discovered something that I was passionate about. This course changed so many aspects of my life and opened up a wonderful opportunity at work.

Riding the Ferris Wheel by the pier in Seattle
This is something that I always wanted to do. I was taken here on my Birthday and was able to ride the wheel just as the sun was setting. It was beautiful and something I will never forget.

Getting my Polaroid
This was gifted to my on my Birthday and although I don't use it enough. It has definitely made me take more photos and that's a big step for me considering I barely ever take photos.

Blogging again...
Although I haven't be consistent with this I love doing it none the less. I love that I can express myself and share my thoughts and purchases with someone, even if its just one person.

This was just been a black hole of inspiration, from fashion to DIY Pinterest has provided me with so many ideas and I cant wait to share them with you guys.

Getting promoted at work
As we speak I am currently a Marketing Coordinator creating Ads and other things for the company I am employed at. Although this job as been challenging and demanding especially with school, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.  

I used to eat Mcdonald's or Candy for breakfast, Saying that I was unless would be an understatement. After trying the Jugo Jucie Kale Smoothie I really liked and dupe the recipce and now I'm hooked. 
Ill share the recipe with everyone soon, its really very simple and tastes great !

Finding my path...
With graduation close by (April 2014), 2013 has made me ask a lot of questions about myself and re-evaluate what I want out of it. But I am happy to say that I think I am finally on my path and I really can't wait for what 2014 will bring.

Those are my 13 things and I would love to know yours, so please share if you are willing :)

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone,

Cheers, Jennifer

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