Thursday, January 9, 2014

What will you carry ?

Today is my last first day of school. Its a surreal feeling and I know its too early to say that I will never be going back to school but for right now its is & it feels amazing.

This post would typically go up during August/September but I was just feeling inspired today. Why? Because even though its my last semester of school I still want to buy a new school bag particularly a new backpack. Is it logical, in my head yes. 

These are the 3 types of bags that I carried through my University years:

1. A Backpack, although I want this Herschel one I currently use a plain black Dakine one. Backpacks are the most practical.  You can stuff so much into one and it allows you to be hands free. Plus with so many options on the market now you can definitely find a cute one.

2. A Tote, I love my longchamp, and although I wouldn't recommend the colour I got, even though i love it  (beige, because it go so dirty so quickly) I would recommend the bag. It definitely a bottomless pit and very sturdy!

3. A Purse, at school I see a lot of girls just carry a purse and when I got my Selma I started doing the same thing.  I carried a purse to school when a) I only had one class b) I had to go somewhere nicer to be after class. The Selma for me is a perfect bag because not only can it hold a bunch of stuff (13 in Macbook Pro + Charger + other items) but it holds it shape extremely well and does great in Vancouver rain.

Thats what I carried, what do you carry?

Cheers, Jennifer

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