Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Sale - American Eagle

Another week, another sale to temp me. I  love American Eagle, they have great bottoms, cute dresses, the softest shirts (from Aerie) and best of all amazing sales

They have definitely tempted me the most this week with some incredible deals.

My favorites are :

three: Chiffon Dot T-Shirt - $13.29
four: Flocked Dot Jegging Pant - $16.62
five: Ribbed Fit & Flare Dress - $16.62
six: Double Zip Suede Bootie - $38.74

If you need more incentive to buy then if you shop now and buy either jeans or a bra you can get free shipping. 

Let me know if you know of any good sales !

Cheers, Jennifer


  1. I love the boots! Too bad I didn't see this post; the sale has probably ended haha
    ~Makaela at

  2. I do these sales post every sunday !