Sunday, July 6, 2014

Toting Goods

One of the things that are definitely on my wishlist at the moment is a simple brown leather tote. I came a across a few since seeing the amazing With Love From Kat's show hers continuously in photos, but none of them have been the right colour. Since shopping in stores haven't turned out well I have turned to online shopping. Here's hoping I can find one by summers end.

2. ASOS tote - $75
3. Kate Spade Tote - $264
4. Forever 21 - $33.80
5. JCREW Tote - $169

How perfect?

Photo credit Withlovefromkat

Happy Sunday Everyone !
Cheers, Jennifer

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer essentials

The beginning of July always means the start of summer for me. The weather here finally starts to get hot, flip flops become acceptable as everyday footwear and the city never looks as pretty. 
Long nights and bright early morning, summer has always been filled with so many wonderful memories for me and I wait to start this one. 
This summer is a bit different for me, its the first summer where I'm not a student, where I am an adult and I not really sure how I feel about not going to school in September.

These are my essentials for keeping cool for the summer :)

top 10 summer items, fashion cute, beach items

1. Floral Dress - buy here
2. Bright Strappy Sandal - buy here
3. Bright purse - buy here
4. Flip Flops - buy here
5. Printed Shorts - buy here
6. Bright Lip
7. Waterproof Mascara
8. SPF
9. Self Tanner - buy here
10. Moisturizer with SPF

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Haul

Happy Canada Day all my Canadians !

You would think that after coming back from the mesmerizing trip that was Europe I would tone down shopping. But Surprising I didn't have any debt coming back therefore naturally I would spend what I made coming back to work. And looking back I think to myself what in the world was I thinking

Oh and sales tempted me all around:

Sephora on Ebates at one point was doing 15% cash back
JCREW was an additional 50% off all sale 
LOFT was an additional 60% off
The Kate Spade Outlet was doing extra 40% than additional 10% for buying 3 items (my sister went in on this with me)
Dynamite's Outlet was doing additional 40% all sale
The Bay Shoes were additional 25% off. 
& of course ZARA start their summer sale


3. EOS Hand Lotion - $2.99

4. Wet and Wild Lipsticks - $2.99
Just Peachy, Rose Bud and Spotlight Red

6. Real techniques Travel Set (Winners)- $14.99
8. Zara Strappy Heels - $69.99

9.  JCREW - Cece Leather Flats in Black - $37.50

14. LOFT Floral top - $16

15. Dynamite Coat in Navy in the Queens Borough Outlet - $27

17. Kate Spade Oulala Mini iPad Case for the Kate Spade Outlet- $30
& thats is all I shamefully bought in June

Cheers, Jennifer 

Five Monthly Favorites: June

Hello :)

Life has been catching up with me these past couple of weeks, I know I said I would be more consistent but to be honestly there was so much more I had to do and by the time I started to blog again I was dead tired. Trying to adjust to a new schedule at work and finding a new job has had me tied up most evening and days. Between, hunting, rewriting and writing resumes and cover letter, the application process took longer than I thought. But now that I got of the applications I wanted to get out I have more down time in the evenings. 

5 things of June

Now on to my favorites this month. 

This palette just provides me with the best glow. I have dry skin and its usually pretty dull but this brighten it up in the best way possible. I know that each shade is meant to do a particular thing but I just use it as a powder and I love it.   
Best summer shade ever. 
Not to mention the beautiful packing and moisturizingness of it. Its amazing, I want more.

I bought this because in my head it would be like Dior Addict Fluid Stick would be like. No I haven't had the pleasure in trying that (I've bought too many lipsticks this month). But in my head this is a dupe. Even if its not, this is an amazing product, I love the initial application but I love the stain it leaves after the product is gone even more. 

Can I start with saying I can't believe this is in my possession? My amazing sister bought this for me as a graduation present. I am still in aw of it. I use it whenever I can and it surprisingly fits more than I thought it could. Not to mention it was beautiful and perfect.
I love this baby in Europe it like a instant souvenir. I trying to make more of an effort take more pictures and this camera helps with that, alot. 

Those are my favourites of June!

Cheers, Jennifer