Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer essentials

The beginning of July always means the start of summer for me. The weather here finally starts to get hot, flip flops become acceptable as everyday footwear and the city never looks as pretty. 
Long nights and bright early morning, summer has always been filled with so many wonderful memories for me and I wait to start this one. 
This summer is a bit different for me, its the first summer where I'm not a student, where I am an adult and I not really sure how I feel about not going to school in September.

These are my essentials for keeping cool for the summer :)

top 10 summer items, fashion cute, beach items

1. Floral Dress - buy here
2. Bright Strappy Sandal - buy here
3. Bright purse - buy here
4. Flip Flops - buy here
5. Printed Shorts - buy here
6. Bright Lip
7. Waterproof Mascara
8. SPF
9. Self Tanner - buy here
10. Moisturizer with SPF

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