Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Five Monthly Favorites: June

Hello :)

Life has been catching up with me these past couple of weeks, I know I said I would be more consistent but to be honestly there was so much more I had to do and by the time I started to blog again I was dead tired. Trying to adjust to a new schedule at work and finding a new job has had me tied up most evening and days. Between, hunting, rewriting and writing resumes and cover letter, the application process took longer than I thought. But now that I got of the applications I wanted to get out I have more down time in the evenings. 

5 things of June

Now on to my favorites this month. 

This palette just provides me with the best glow. I have dry skin and its usually pretty dull but this brighten it up in the best way possible. I know that each shade is meant to do a particular thing but I just use it as a powder and I love it.   
Best summer shade ever. 
Not to mention the beautiful packing and moisturizingness of it. Its amazing, I want more.

I bought this because in my head it would be like Dior Addict Fluid Stick would be like. No I haven't had the pleasure in trying that (I've bought too many lipsticks this month). But in my head this is a dupe. Even if its not, this is an amazing product, I love the initial application but I love the stain it leaves after the product is gone even more. 

Can I start with saying I can't believe this is in my possession? My amazing sister bought this for me as a graduation present. I am still in aw of it. I use it whenever I can and it surprisingly fits more than I thought it could. Not to mention it was beautiful and perfect.
I love this baby in Europe it like a instant souvenir. I trying to make more of an effort take more pictures and this camera helps with that, alot. 

Those are my favourites of June!

Cheers, Jennifer

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