Friday, March 28, 2014

A Case of Wanderlust

In 3 weeks...

3 weeks from today I have my bags packed (hopefully) and on my first of many flights in my European adventure.  In six weeks I will have the joy of visiting 5-7 Countries and 10+ cites (some plans are still in the works, but the majority is booked!).

I am beyond excited, and even though I’ve been planning this trip for over a year now but its just hit me that this is actually happening, it always just seemed like dream, it still does sometimes. Know that I get to visit places ive only read about and seen in pictures is so unreal and I still have a hard time believing that it is actually happening.

I am currently in completely wander-lusting mood, the thought of actually traveling to all these wondrous places is completely surreal.

Here are some places I can not possibly wait to visit:

London, England 

Paris, France

Barcelona, Spain

Rome, Italy

I am probably the most excited for the Colosseum in Rome. I love it since I was a kid and really can't believe that I get to see it in person ! 


I cant wait to share my experience, outfits and finds with all of you. Ill be leaving in 6 weeks and should be able to access wifi the majority of the time. 

Cheers, Jennifer

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Current Spring Craving: Yellow Jacket

I was early meeting a friend for dinner the other day and made the mistake of walking into Zara. As I said in an earlier post, I'm leaving for Europe next month (officially booked my flights!) so I've tried to limit my perusing/shopping time in order to fight temptations, but as soon as I saw this coat I became obsessed and this obsession is only growing because since going to that one Zara I've now been to two others and all three do not have my size which to me is a sign that I really need to purchase it soon.

spring yellow coat
Zara - Yellow Coat with Pockets - $159 CAD
It was honestly love at first sight. 

Yellow is actually one of my favorite it colours and this coat is the perfect shade of yellow. Not to mention its the perfect shape! I felt so classy when I tried it on,  and since the shape of this coat is so classic that I think it will stand the test of time. 

I can already imagine it with all sorts of outfits and I cant wait to add this piece to my closet. 

This being one of them:
spring yellow coat

spring yellow coat

spring yellow coat

Will you see this in my monthly haul chances are yes. I'm so obsessed !

What are you craving for this spring ?

Cheers, Jennifer 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Travel Bag Crushes !

So very exciting news that I don't think I shared on here yet but....
Planning to leave mid April until early June, one chunk of my trip is booked already but there is still much planning ahead of me, I'm waiting on a couple of details, so fingers cross things work out !

With that being said, I am in dire need of travel bags, the ones I list are currently not as practical as I would wish they be but I am seriously lusting...

But if anyone has any cheaper options I would love to hear them !

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Haul

Another month, another haul. I know I should be saving for my potentially huge trip in a couple months but I can't help the sales I really can't and it is a huge issues. I am acutally considering going on a month and a half no buy... 

1. White & Mint Dress from Dynamite - $2.50 originally $49.90
2. Beige Blazer from Dynamite - $2.50 originally $42.90
These were steals, from some reason the Dynamite at the Queensborough Landing in New Westminster was having a great sale which was every thing that was $5.00 was buy one get one free so I was able to score these great finds!

3. Baby Blue Blazer from Zara - $29.90 originally $79.90
I was given the corally pink one a while back and when I found this lovely one of sale and I couldn't resist.

4. Beaded Deep Purple from TopShop - $32.00
Does anyone else watch Reign ? Because I do and I am addicted and this dress kind of screamed that century or at least that show.

5. Clarisonic Plus from Shoppers Drugmart - $260.00 (paid $60.00)
I've been debating a Clarisonic of ages and when Shoppers had their spend your point event it was the perfect time to buy 

6. First Aid Beauty Ultra Moisturizer from Sephora- $15.00 

7. Bumblebee Statement Necklace from eBay - $4.00

Can you tell that Spring in on my mind ?

Cheers, Jennifer