Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Steals - Work Edition

I started my "new" job (moving from part time to full time) within my company as a Marketing Coordinator and have my first full week of work starting this monday. After a being a student for my entire life than coming off of a six week vacation its been challenging to adapt to a new schedule, but I'm getting use to it (slowly, but surely) & I'm actually enjoying it. 

But with a new position comes what else? New clothes of course, I have work appropriate clothes from when I was part time, but now being full time I really feel like I don't have enough and have started to take on the mantra that if I can't wear it to work I won't buy it (well I'm trying too).

Just coming from an unpaid 6 week vacation my budget is tighter than I would like it to be but lucky me there are some wonderful sales from even more wonderful stores.

This week's steals are from JCREW, Sephora and Nordstrom.

1. JCREW - Jeweled Bow Top - $42.99 (with code SHOPNOW)
2. JCREW - Minnie Pant -$55.65 (with code SHOPNOW)
3. Sephora - The Twenty Two (Find In-Stores)  - $33
4. Kate Spade Lilla Tote - $266.66
5. JCREW - Leopard Loafers - $99.99 -(with code SHOPNOW)

sunday steals work edition
Makes a cute outfit huh ?

Thats all for today !

Cheers, Jennifer


  1. great picks! Absolutely loving the bag and the shoes!