Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Haul

I already know that I have problems, I am fully aware and I am dealing with it in my own ways.  I consider the no but, I really did but caved at the sign of a good deal. 

My cousin M constantly points out that I should blog about all the good deals I find on a regular basis but I find it hard to talk about just one product, since I tend to only purchase one or two things a shopping trip. I thought since I want to be more consistent on my Instgram from now on I will post in the moment deals on my instagram (@CheersJennifer) but I will still recap on everything I bought this month here on my blog.

I was definitely more concious of what I was buying this month with my trip now only 3-weeks away but it didn't stop me from shopping to say the least. 

What I bought this month consisted of 

1. Pink Dress Pants from Zara - On Sale for $11.99

2. Stripped Gap Dress - On Sale for $25.99

3. Glitter Back Boots from Winners (by Vince Camuto) - On Sale for $59.99
vince camuto glitter boots

4. Kate Spade Ipad Case - One Sale for $14.99
This isn't actually for me, but a gift & I just had to share the deal

I'm really happy with my purchases this month & ill try to do an outfit post on each item !
What was your best deal this month ?

Cheers, Jennifer

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