Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Love + 14 Updates

Like how July was the start of summer for me, October is the start of fall. 
Anna Green Gables (L. M. Montgomery) said it best when she said

To say time flew by would not be an exaggeration. But these past few months have had me asking myself a million different questions as to what I want to do with my career and my life. With so many different options in the picture, I've been starting to question the path I drew for myself and started exploring ones I never thought were possible nor did I ever think I would want.

Some updates from me since I last posted:

1. I miss Europe terribly and am hoping to spend an extend amount of time their in the next couple of  years (London Ideally)
2. I quit a job I hated and found a one I respected.
3. I decided to venture out into the wonderful and scary world of running a small calligraphy / stationery / wedding shop to be announced super soon :)
4. I went to my first canucks game, this was just on monday so its still fresh
5. Realize that its okay to take chances and venture off of your ideal path - more later. 
6. Decide to hold off / limit my shopping until late november 
7. Bought an Iphone 6 - yay for better instagram 
8. Decide to rebrand and move over to a .com, again more on the move later
9. Made a new 101 things in 1001 days found here
10. learned how to make macaroons 
11. went my first canucks game 
12. Learned how to follow my heart & passion.
13. The value of keeping relationships & making friends.
14. Learned to hustle, hard.

With all these revelations being said, I think my blog will change into more a lifestyle blog than a fashion or beauty blog.



  1. what a fantastic quote!

    xo T.

    1. Thank you ! I love october and im testing out Calligraphy !